About Me

Games have been a source of entertainment and activities to relax ourselves for a very long time.

Video Games started in October 1958 with a tennis game similar to ping pong we play or in some countries, it is also known as table tennis.

From 1950s to the current year, video games have become probably the most popular thing in the world.

Now-a-days many people have opened their own channels where they showcase gameplay of the video games i.e. in the most simpler terms, they play a video game and make a video of it.

Many Video Game lovers and enthusiasts want themselves to be updated about all that is happening in the gaming world.

And that’s where I come in.

Now :

Moffpop is mainly a blog website about video games which mainly focuses on game news, game reviews, game tips and tricks and game hardware.


I am a graduate with bachelors in journalism and mass communication and I also have quite an interest in digital marketing.

I am a dog lover, I can say that I love dogs more than anything except for games of course! I also have a dog.

Well after all that, I haven’t told you what I am really passionate about and what this website is all about. Well, I think of myself as a gamer through and through.

I first started playing video games when I was 5 I think it was counter strike: source and before you all start shouting at me that it would be too much for a 5 year old, but I can tell you that its not.

Well I think it would be too far-fetched to say that I remember everything, how it felt etc. but I know that I played that game and that’s when my journey started as a gamer.

My favorite game is Witcher 3, I mean that project really was something else, I can never forget it and I think I played that game almost 12 times till now and I  still play it whenever I feel that I need to leave the real world and delve deeper into the Witcher world.

Now that I had been playing games for about 15 years, I thought that I should do something with my passion.

First, I thought of starting a youtube or twitch channel but I didn’t knew the video editing and all the things.

So I loved writing anything from the start so the obvious thing was to establish a website and It wasn’t just a light of realization hitting me in the face, it just made sense.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you what my website provides you:


Whenever we wanna buy something be it a car, a mobile phone or anything that is our requirement, we first want to know how good is the particular thing we wanna buy.

The same thing is with video games.

While Video Games are very enjoyable but there are many games through which we get bored very easily.

So we also wanna know that the video game we wanna buy is good or bad and that’s where I come in.

I don’t just tell that game is good or bad, I try to give my personal views as a gamer and not be biased.


Normally when we play video games, we get stuck at some point in the game be it a puzzle or a how to obtain a particular item in the game or how to defeat a difficult boss in the game.

This happens with everybody and as a completionist in Video Games I try to post atleast 3 guides a week for latest video games so that you can enjoy your games without any obstacles.

Hopefully, my guides will be able to solve your problems.


A news is basically a report of important information especially about recent events.

Similarly, Game News is the reporting of important Video Games information be it a leak of a new game, new games releasing in a month, updates of a game etc.

These are the information that every game lover wants to know if his/her favorite game is having a remaster or not, when will a particular game that he/she is waiting for will release etc.

I will try to give news about every game related thing in the world.


Gaming hardware is the most important thing for every game lover or enthusiast.

After all, without a gaming hardware you cannot play your beloved video games.

All the gaming hardware comes in this category such as your Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Components you need when building your pc be it graphic cards, SSD etc.

In this, I will try to give you news about any new hardware coming, it’s review( whether it is good or bad) and its various updates and many more things