For some time, Valorant has been rumoured to be coming on mobile devices. It was never confirmed, however the idea of it happening was fascinating, especially since the game has been an extraordinary accomplishment on PC.

With other huge games like Fortnite and Call of Duty coming on mobile, it was not that much of a suprise that valorant might be coming on mobile. The competitive first person shooter came out just a year and in that short amount of time, it has made a great impression on users.

For those waiting for the mobile version of valorant, Riot has confirmed that valorant will be coming on mobile with the name valorant mobile. However, riot has not yet announced a release date for valorant mobile.

Valorant has been a great success as the developer claims that it centres around 14 million monthly players, which is an impressive as the game was released only a year ago.

Furthermore, Riot states that more than 1 million viewers tuned in to watch the finals of the game’s Iceland tournament on 31st May. With riot bringing new maps, fixes, weapon skins, agents it has only made the game more popular.

Valorant coming to mobile isn’t really suprising, with Riot bringing its other games like the spinoff of league of legends which is named wild rifts. Coming to mobile are something that many people are starting to note.

Fortnite was one of the early games that came to mobile. All things considered, Call of Duty Mobile has been successful to the point that the game had its World Championship.

Valorant will stop at mobile as riot states that it plans to extend the establishment and wants to reach each and every player in the world. This statement could be indicating riot releasing a console version of valorant in the future.

Developing the establishment past the gaming world business could be a great thing, allowing Riot to create different ways of telling the stories within the franchise.

All things considered, regardless of whether Riot chooses to grow the establishment onto a TV movie or a comic, valorant will be delivering many exciting things to the players.


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