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Toxic behavior in video games have been an issue for probably as long as online games have been a thing, being an issue for pretty much anyone who plays an FPS game.

Such an issue is a steady battle for moderators in games like Valorant, where people play competitive matches that can have substantial repercussions for players that are playing the game. That can trigger toxic behavior in matches, however Riot Games say that they have a plan.

Riot Games is changing its terms of service to “record and assess” voice chat in its games, beginning with Valorant. In the update, Riot Games repeated that it is so critical to make a allround space for gamers in its titles, with the developer clarifying that it’s content with its voice comms system, however that it needs a more dependable system to battle this toxic behavior.

As indicated by Riot Games, this move will allow riot games to precisely and quickly assess circumstances where any toxic behavior happens. This update will allow Riot to give “clear proof” for any violations, making the dispute process significantly more smoothed out for the organization.

This is only the start as well, as Riot intends to introduce new updates with ValorantĀ  and apparently its different gamesĀ  that will have improved recognition and punishments for occurrences.

The Terms of Service update proceeds to mitigate any data privacy worries that players may have. Riot games told that it would just catch only minimum amount of data required and that the organization wouldn’t be continuously monitoring players’ voice chats.

Furthermore, voice chats may be looked into when an event is reported. Players that don’t need their voices recorded should just simply turn off their voice chat.

Riot tells that this is only the initial phase in a long process, with Valorant being the first game to get such a voice chat update, with more to come. Studies have tracked down that 74% of gamers have encountered harassment in online games, something that moves like this plan to address.

Data privacy concerns are justifiable these days, however with the degree of harassment found in certain networks, gamers ought to hope to begin witnessing moves like this all the more oftentimes.

This toxic behavior has been an issue in the multiplayer scene throughout recent years, however awareness of this toxic behavior is the best way to battle this issue.

You can play valorant on PC.


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