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It takes two is an co-op game developed by hazelight studios and can be regarded as one of the best games of 2021.


it takes two review

Most of the video games developed now-a-days are single player games, with bringing co-op on occasion as an optional part of the game which you choose if you want to play co-op mode or not.

But, the video games developed by josef fares and hazelight studios have made co-op a necessity, taking into account great gameplay that certainly takes the benefits of the co-op mode.

The studios’ first  co-op game, a way out(2018), did a few clever things with the idea of co-op, but it was a bit rough around the edges.

Hazelight’s recent game, it takes two, builds on what was developed in a way out, polishes everything to close to-perfection, and eventually this game will become one of the best co-op video games ever made.

In It Takes Two, gamers take on the role of Cody and may, a married couple who’re getting ready to divorce. Their daughter rose learns about their divorce and understandably gets sad.

The next time Cody and May discover that they are in the bodies of two dolls that rose made, their human bodies are sleeping and they find themselves at the mercy of a talking book made by Dr. Hakim.

Dr. Hakim’s aim is to have Cody and May rebuild their relationship by forcing them to go through a difficult trial together that sees the couple discover their home in microform.

it takes two official launch

This type of concept has been used in the past but it takes two takes it to the next level by making a lot things that the protagonists come across human-like.

This consists of talking animals like squirrels and beetles, but also certain objects like talking hammers and toolboxes.

It’s a strange concept, but works great thanks to exceptional writing, top notch voice acting, and great comedy. It takes two’s tale is quite peculiar, but also has quite a few heartfelt scenes. The ending of the game quite predictable, but the journey to get to the ending is quite enjoyable.

It takes two’s story is very good but the gameplay is what makes it amazing. Each chapter introduces fresh gameplay mechanics that completely change the manner players play the game and finish various challenges.

The core gameplay is saved intact during most of the chapters, however there’s continually a gimmick to shake things up and make sure that players are constantly doing something new, there is now not a single mechanic that is really dull or frustrating.

It makes the most out of each concept and then moves directly to the next gameplay mechanic before the earlier one stays longer than it is welcomed.

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A part of the fun of the game is seeing what new powers Cody and May have for that level and finding how these powers changes the gameplay. However, for example, in one of the first chapters, Cody and May get a few nails and a hammer, respectively.

Cody is able to use the nails to create beams which May can grip with the hammer to swing across gaps. These powers are used in solving platforming puzzles, with truly all of the puzzles in the game requiring Cody and May to work cooperatively to solve these puzzles

Each level is built round Cody and May’s new powers, though players will not get the chance to play the same challenge two times. The Hazelight studio consistently adds new ways that Cody and May’s powers can be used, plus the chapters themselves now and again department off to different varieties of gameplay.

One incredible chapter that does that is the snow globe level, which sees Cody and May using opposite ends of a magnet to clear various puzzles and eventually, make their way to a city.

While it takes two players attain the snow globe metropolis, the game shifts from being a linear puzzle-platformer to being an open world of types, with special objectives that players can attain in any order they want.

The metropolis also has bonus objectives for players to finish, in addition to mini-video games where Cody and May can compete with each other. It is one of the excellent levels in it takes two and also highlights the game’s splendid variety.

It takes two is, at times, a linear puzzle-platformer, an open world mario 64-esque platformer, a racing game, a mini-game compilation, a aspect-scroller, a 3rd-person shooter etc.

Gamers are going to be amazed and impressed after they see the entirety that it takes two brings to the desk.

There’s not any wasted thing in it takes two . The game will be about 8 to 10 hours long, so it’s a great game with 0 fillers, padding, or time-wasting objectives.

Some may criticize that it takes two as having a lack of replay worth, but Cody and May’s powers range so substantially that one ought to play through the entire game again as the opposite character and have a different experience altogether than their first time.

It takes two has no traditional collectibles for players to locate, which isn’t surprising as game director Josef Fares has made it clear that he isn’t very fond of them.

However, that doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t have any secrets to discover. Suprisingly, It takes two’s world is complete of hidden areas and easter eggs to locate and while the game does not have any collectibles, the chapters have mini-games to discover where Cody and May can compete with each other for bragging rights.

A number of the mini-games are quite boring, however others can be quite fun and players may go again to play them. There is everything from whack-a-mole to a totally functional chess board, and with 25 mini-games, players are sure to find a mini-game that they will like.

What’s extra is that it takes two’s mini-video games can be accessed quickly thru the menu, and a number of them actually have more options that gamers can tweak to tailor them to their needs.

Using the chess board for example, it takes  players can pop in and pick between games with quick or lengthy timers, or they are able to play with an infinite time so Cody and May can take as long as they want with their turns.

Level select or Chapter select makes going again and finding the mini-video games one overlooked a whole lot simpler, and players can use it to seek out the other secrets to unlock it takes two’s platinum trophy.

It is not a video game that players are going to spend dozens of hours, however it is also no longer a game that is going to waste each person’s time with filler to pad out its period.

It takes two is exactly as long because it should be, and the game is very enjoyable that it’s something co-op gamers will probable want to revisit every once in a while.


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