How good is Fortnite’s Perfomance Mode?

Fornite recently released a perfomance mode for players on PC which is giving them a huge advantage over other players.



Some PC gamers spend lots of dollars on high end graphics cards and cpu’s so that it will soak in every details that the latest games have to offer. Inside the world of esports, however, gamers usually pass their sliders within the opposite route; lowering graphics quality to increase their frame rate.

As of some weeks in the past, the same issue is present in fortnite thanks to the newly launched “performance mode.” it is without a doubt the best news for PC gamers, however a very bad news for those playing fortnite on mobile or console.

At the start planned as a way to even the playing field for those with low end rigs, the brand new mode permits fortnite players on pc to sacrifice graphics quality to increase their frame rate. Sadly though, doing this appears to have some sort of side effects which might be now giving PC gamers huge advantage over others.

In a recent thread on reddit, u/ezbugatti99 compared two screenshots from the game which highlights the limit to which the performance mode in fortnite can impact the experience of a gamer.

They show the effect that the storm has on visibility with the mode on and when mode is off and the difference is night and day. Without performance mode, it’s hard to make out the character, not to mention her nearby environment.

Once the mode is on, visibility is superb, with only the faintest of pink shade on screen.

Naturally, many players were not too glad upon getting to know about these side effects and used the reddit thread to vent their frustrations. A few called for epic to add performance mode to console versions of fortnite to even the playing field, while others said that mode should be disabled until a fix has been determined.

Certainly one of epic’s community liaison team did acknowledge the issue some hours after the thread became published and promised to raise it with the development team.

As some pointed out even though, the problem has been flagged as an active bug on fortnite’s trello board for more than five days now and we have not yet seen a solution in sight.

This isn’t the first time that fortnite’s storm mechanic has triggered an controversy. In the last year, an oversight become discovered which allowed gamers to use the zero point on the middle of the map again and again to recover their health; allowing gamers to stay in the storm all the time.

Epic patched that one quite fast, and gamers might be hoping that the developer does so again this time round.


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