When will Gotham Knights release?

Although Gotham Knights was supposed to release in 2021 but Warner Bos. Montreal has officially delayed its release date to 2022.


Even though information about Gotham Knights has died down in recent months, many fans still have hope that it might still release in 2021.

Unluckily, this will not be the case, as WB Montreal has formally announced a delay for gotham knights.

In last 12 months, players believed that gotham knights was teasing a specific release date for 2021.

Even as the evidence seemed to be there, as a poster associated with the flying graysons was like it was hinting us that release date would be in 2021, however it was not a teaser at all.

These days, wb montreal broke the information to fans on twitter, sharing that the game will be releasing next year. Fans now only have 2022 to go for a release date as no specific release date has been announced by WB montreal.

According to WB montreal, gotham knights release date is being delayed so that they can give the best experience to the fans.

Although not directly said, it clearly shows that the Covid-19 had an heavy impact on the game’s development.

Another wb interactive game hogwarts legacy has been delayed because of this issue, and several other improvement-associated issues have also been delayed because of the pandemic.

Nevertheless, this statement will amaze some fans, as many began to feel that gotham knights became safe from a postpone due to a launch date change now not being announced alongside hogwarts legacy’s.

Regrettably, this logic proved to be wrong, as gamers will no longer be able to enjoy this bat family storyline until sometime next year.

With suicide squad: kill the justice league set to release in 2022 as nicely, at the least game lovers will have exciting co-op video games to look forward to come next year.

That stated, the drawback is that there is now a major gap in DC game releases for 2021 that gamers will want to address.

At the same time while this will rightfully be seen by most of fans as bad news, one good news is that wb montreal promised to expose off more of the game in the coming months.

As such, players now understand that they are able to at the least see some sparkling gameplay of the game, probably detailing the open world mechanics and side quests of the game.

Wb montreal additionally thank their lovers for their help in the game.

Even as delays are often a bad news, more often they lead to the release of a better game and Gotham Knights lovers hope that the end result of this delay will be the same.


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