Fortnite adds Teen Titans skins in season 6

With fornite chapter 2 season 6 release, a ton of battlepass rewards came our way which also includes raven teen titan skins.


At some stage in the long and storied history of fortnite, gamers have been able to collect a huge number of skins that allow them to play as exclusive characters.

Between collaborations with comic books introducing characters like aquaman and even one with star wars including a skin for the mandalorian, there is a large number of skins available for players.

Now another character is making its way into the battle royale, this one from DC universe. With chapter 2 season 6’s battlepass, players will be able to open a skin that allows them to play as raven from teen titans.

With each new season of fortnite, gamers get a brand new battlepass.

Obviously, the rewards contained within the battlepass aren’t given away from the start, as gamers should rather work toward earning them all by completing challenges and playing the game.

Getting raven won’t be fast, however, as the first version of her skin is not available till rank 77 of the battlepass.

Gamers that manage to complete fortnite’s weekly challenges and get all the way to rank 77 before the end of the season will be able to get the first variant of the raven skin.

Going similarly beyond this offers more rewards, also, including other variant of the raven skin that sees her don a mask beneath her hood.

This creates the traditional impact of half of of her face being covered via the shadow of her hood, something that is frequently proven in her portrayal from comic books and television shows.

This second raven skin is earned from the battlepass by players that are able to reach rank 85. Eventually, a third skin is also obtainable by way of completing epic quests.

Along raven, players will even have the chance to earn a skin representing lara croft from the tomb raider franchise.

There may be additionally skins for agent jonesy, new fortnite unique characters tarana, raz, and cluck.

At rank 100, players may be able to use the spire assassin skin, a completely unique looking skin which possibly ties directly into the fortnite’s overarching story.

Sooner or later, as a mystery skin, neymar jr. is making his fortnite debut, but it seems he can be transformed into some kind of wolf creature.

More on this skin will be revealed soon.

Extensively, raven is indexed as a part of the teen titans set, which means gamers will be able to find other teen titans squad members in the game.

Since the latest season of fortnite is available, curious gamers can play the game and see what new things the game offers in this season.


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