Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay Revealed By Capcom

In an event online , Capcom reveals the Monster Hunter Rise Goss Harag hunt along with brand new trailers for Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2.


Yesterday, Capcom held a digital event to show extra info regarding both monster hunter rise and monster hunter stories 2. Both video games received a brand new trailer revealing more of the roster of monsters. 

Today, however, Capcom held another event that included an overview of the game, a Q&A with director yasunori ichinose, and a complete hunt of Goss Harag.

The hunt itself additionally served as an overview of monster hunter rise because it showed off various that have been spoken about before. 

The hunt goes on in the frost islands of monster hunter rise, and in the monster hunter world, there are two other monsters roaming across the place, those being lagombi, the rabbit-like monster, and tetranadon, the kappa inspired monster.

Goss harag been revealed to be a physical fighter, but with some ice beam-fashion attacks at his disposal. Moreover, this gameplay demo confirmed that goss harag will practice its ice blade to both of its arms once in a while. 

The hunter within the gameplay demo was fighting with a charge blade which is one of the extra, if not the most, complex weapons inside the monster hunter series.

 This became a pretty faithfully represented within the demo, as the hunter missed his attack or was hit by attacks quite frequently.

That said, the hunter nevertheless managed to pull off several of the destructive moves in the charge blade techniques which include one of the newly introduced switch attacks. 

This attack, called condensed spinning slash has the shield of the charged blade begin spinning earlier before coming down at the monster and switching the blade into axe mode. 

Any other silkbind attack, referred to as axe hopper, formerly seen in previous trailers being used and saw the hunter pull themselves into the air with a wirebug before coming down on the monster with an elemental discharge while being in axe mode.

The hunter also confirmed off a smart use of the endemic life living in the area. The stinkmink is one such form of endemic life and the hunter used stinkmink to lure the Goss Harag to Lagombi‘s location.

As soon as the 2 monsters have been lured out in the same area, they started fighting. Whenever monsters fight in monster hunter rise, monsters can be downed after which you can ride them. 

The player inside the demo waited for goss harag to defeat lagombi and then the  rode lagombi and used it to attack goss harag.

Moreover, even as many of the attributes of the palamutes have been proven off since the game was announced, Not a lot about what the palicos can do has been revealed beyond their Healing bubble ability inside the demo. 

One more support ability was revealed on this demo, in which the palico planted a tree that the hunter can use to create a healing mist inside the location, much like the health booster in monster hunter world.


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