How do you get the tasty mead in valheim?

Tasty Mead is a potion you can make in valheim which can raise your stamina by 300% without any cooldown period.


There are many crafting stations players can work in Valheim. Out of which, there is a crafting station called fermenter.

The fermenter in Valheim permits players to create potions to help them in their mission to defeat the bosses in the game.

The majority of the potions are named after precisely what they do, such as the Frost-Resistance elixir and Minor Healing elixir, yet there is one oddball: the Tasty Mead.

Tasty Mead base is one of the primary bases where players figure out how to create potions once they make the cauldron.

After the players defeat the first boss called Eikthyr, they can make the cauldron and the fermenter. From that point forward, players will gain access to tin, copper, and bronze; 10 tin is required to make the cauldron while the fermenter is created with 30 Fine wood, five Bronze, and 10 Resin.

Tasty mead is made with 10 Honey, which can be obtained from Valheim’s bumble bees, five Blueberries which can be picked in the Black Forest, and 10 raspberries which can be picked in the Meadows bushes.

Merge the ingredients, at that point put the base into the fermenter for 2 in-game days.

When the mead is finished, players will get 6 stack tasty mead potions.

Tasty Mead brings down a Valheim player’s health generation by half for 10 seconds while at the same time raising their stamina by 300%.

After the 10 seconds is up, players can use another Tasty Mead, not at all like the vast majority of different potions which have cooldowns.

This is an incredible potion for escaping tight spots; players can utilize the enhanced stamina for swimming long distances, out running enemies, or in circumstances where stamina is required and the player’s health is not in any dangerous situation, such as building a garden, mining, or building a house in Valheim.

This potion is also useful for the last couple of moments of a battle where the player simply needs a small eruption of stamina to win.

While it isn’t the most valuable potion in the game, players will adore having it around for those particular circumstances where stamina is a higher priority than all else.

Tasty Mead is not difficult to make with ingredients that are easily available in the valheim world.

In the event that players are searching for a full stamina refill without any drawback, they can make themselves some strength potions from a this formula:

10x Yellow mushroom, 10x Raspberries and 10x Honey.

However, these potions have a cooldown time of 2 minutes.


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