Overwatch Season 27 gets postponed

The developers experienced an issue with 4th march release date of overwatch season 27 so after fixing this issue, overwatch season 27 will release on 9th march.


Overwatch fans will have to wait a little before they can finally play overwatch season 27. The competitive shooter game’s team have reported that the current season will be postponed for a few days.

While Overwatch Season 27 is as yet intended to release soon, the developers experienced an issue with the fourth March release date.

The team at Blizzard Entertainment have attempted various fixes to get Season 27 ready for release.

In spite of their earnest attempts, the Overwatch season is being postponed, with an untold release date coming a little bit later.

This season add-on will allow players a couple of more days to obtain Season 26 rewards.

The declaration was made in a blog on the Blizzard’s site. Josh Nash, Blizzard’s Community Manager, told that the choice was made in light of a legitimate concern for time.

While the group deals with a fix for Season 27, players should stay in Season 26 for the time being. For the occasion, players will be welcomed with a tab stating that the season 26 ends in less than a minute.

If everthing goes as per Blizzard’s plan for Overwatch, Season 27 will be released one week from now with a deadline of ninth March.

Until then, everything is being left as it is now with no guarantees, and the players can go about as though Season 26 never finished.

Players who move up in Overwatch rank during this time-frame will actually want to get the prizes and competitive credits as usual.

This is a decent possibility for different players to acquire a couple of more rewards before the season ends.

Fans are taking the postponement with mixed reactions as numerous players can’t help thinking about what might have turned out badly on the developer’s end.

In any case, additional opportunity to finish Season 26 destinations is an invite sight as some Overwatch fans were near obtaining their next level.

While the postponement is just for a couple of days, it is still more before fans can make a plunge for Season 27s content.

Overwatch has been going for quite a while at this point, and delays do happen once in a while.

With the game spreading across various platforms with competitive networks in each circle, it is just a matter of time before something wrong happens.

With this, the developers are quite fast for fixing issues inside this competitive shooter title.


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