Is the Maquette worth It?

Maquette is a first person puzzle solving game which is free to play for PS PLUS members.


Maquette has made an considerable progress. The game was initially appeared at GDC 2011, where it instantly attracted comparison with Portal for being a first person game with a mechanic for puzzle solving.

After 10 years, Maquette is at long last available and shockingly, it turns out to be very true that the game is really not the same as other hit first person puzzle games of recent years.

Maquette’s title alludes to scale models, which is fitting as the game is about interacting with a model version of a zone to thusly control the normal sized version of that zone.

For instance, the first area players investigate in Maquette appears to be Disney park. This isn’t a mistake, as developer Graceful Decay is controlled by Hanford Lemoore, who used to plan real attractions at Disney parks.

In any case, the are is isolated into four different sections and players have to find out some way to arrive at every one.

In this first territory, a huge 3D square is hindering the player’s way in the normal sized world. Yet, on the off chance that they go to the model in the middle, they can get a miniature version that huge 3D square, which moves the bigger version in the normal sized world.

It’s fairly hard to clarify in words, yet practically speaking, players should be able to learn it pretty fast. Pretty much the whole game is worked around these sorts of riddles.

There’s an “amazing” factor to Maquette from the beginning, yet once players understand that the game is quite repetitive and has only 1 mechanic, the feeling of marvel begins to wear off.

It is still able to give us some really fun riddles with its mechanics and idea, however puzzle gaming fans shouldn’t go into it expecting anything all that breathtaking.

It’s a workable, short riddle game with some technical traits that can make it very irritating sometimes.

One’s journey in Maquette will be fairly easy, yet there are times when the game would not like to help out the player. This is generally clear in Maquette’s Gateways level, where the game makes it difficult for players to drop the crystals that they need to carry around the whole game.

It was by all accounts because of crash issues, with the game imagining that there was something in the way that would make dropping the crystals unimaginable, however it did this paying little mind to where the player character was situated.

At other times puzzle items gets stuck when trying to arrange them in a proper position, which was definitely not that bad but was still irritating at the same time.

Game exploits the PlayStation 5’s special abilities when it comes to rotating the puzzle items. The PS5 DualSense controller’s adadtive triggers and haptic feedback are utilized to give more weight when it comes to rotating puzzle objects.

Maquette is one of the free PS Plus games for March 2021 on PlayStation 5, so it’s all right to say that most of console players will play it on Sony’s next generation console.

Anybody anticipating that Maquette will look and feel like a next generation game is going to be saddened, yet the game is still very striking from a visual point of view.

This isn’t because of it utilizing the PS5’s strength, but rather on account of its engaging, vivid stylish and the exceptional art style that makes up the game world.

Maquette reliably gets players new sights, from the Disney-like region that they start in to a dim, premonition cave later on.

One of the best visuals comes in Maquette’s The Escape part, as players travel through a street where buildings become menacing, coordinating the mind-set of the characters in the story that is playing in background.

The gameplay in Maquette is fairly separated from the story, which is basically about a romance relationship. It will probably be truly relatable to anybody that has been in a long term relationship, and despite the fact that players never truly see the characters in the story, they will find themselves truly immersed in their romance.

The plot can be somewhat messy and pretty unsurprising, yet that is fine since it’s doing whatever it takes not to be some twisty, mind-bowing story.

Maquette tells a basic, direct story with practical dialogues and genuine feelings, raised significantly by astounding perfomance from Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel (who are really married).

Regardless of whether one isn’t especially drawn in by Maquette’s riddles, it’s worth playing through for the engaging and vivid art style and soundtrack particularly since it’s so short.

Maquette can without much of a stretch be finished in a few hours on a first playthrough, and even quicker for individuals that definitely know what they’re doing.

This guarantees that the story is lean and the game mechanics doesn’t exceed its welcome, however it is likewise something that may not for people who are searching for more significant experience regarding playtime.

Maquette has a mystery or two for players to discover, yet the game in any case doesn’t actually give players any motivation to revisit.

The absence of chapter select is also quite annoying for trophy hunters, as it implies that they should play through the entire game again if they miss something and want to open the platinum prize.

Maquette’s short length makes these problems somewhat less disappointing than it would be for something else, however it’s as of yet a glaring oversight that will for sure effect the completionists opinion on the game.

Maquette’s short length makes it an ideal possibility for a PS PLUS game, as this way gamers can experience the story, art style, and soundtrack without making any monetary commitment past their current membership.

Yet, those on PC and PlayStation 4 may find difficulty to spend even $20 on a particularly short riddle game.

Maquette is available on PC, PS4 and PS5.


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