How to get consecutive wins in Destruction Allstar’s stockpile mode

There's nothing more satisfying other than being no.1 so you have to know how to score points in stockpile game mode as it can be very confusing for players.


Destruction AllStars is available free of charge for PS Plus subscribers on PS5 and tosses players into various game modes with up to 16 players.

As of now, there are just four multiplayer game modes for players to play, with two of them being team based. 

Carnado expects players to gather gears by crushing into rivals and afterward taking those gears and putting away them into the team bank by driving their vehicle into the center of the arena.

The other team mode, Stockpile, can seriously confuse a player, with players not realizing how to score points or dominate a game.

Here’s a guide on Destruction AllStars’ Stockpile mode and how players can win:

Destruction AllStars’ Stockpile mode is like Carnado, as players should gather gears, however the large variation here is that there are three separate banks or bases spread around on the map.

Players should smash their cars into enemies and afterward continue to get the gears that drop on the ground and afterward take said gears to one of the banks to stock them up.

The objective is for the team to have control over a greater part of the banks in a limited amount of time.

When a player finishes off an enemy or gives huge damage, gears can drop out however players will not get the gears while they are sitting in their vehicle.

To have the option to get the gears, players should escape their vehicles and afterward walk over the item they want to get.

Players will likewise have to get out of their cars to actually drop off the gears to the bank and each bank can hold up to 10 gears all at once.

To drop off the gears, players should remain on the base briefly until the item gets submitted.

Players can just take up to four gears all at once and in the event that anybody is experiencing difficulty really discovering gears fair and square, the radar on the base left of the screen will show players the location of gears – this is set apart by a yellow symbol, however make sure to be cautious around there, as the enemy team will eventually attempt to run players over while they get the fallen items.

To dominate the game, players will simply have to ensure that their team has control of at any rate two of the banks before the timer expires.

Ideally, this guide assists players with accomplishing victory in Destruction AllStars’ Stockpile game mode.


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