Assassin Creed Valhalla: How to get to ravensthorpe after River Raids

Its frustrating when you don't know how to exit river raids in Assassin's creed valhalla as you will eventually return to the game.


assassin creed valhalla river raids

Ubisoft’s newest assassin creed installment Assassin Creed Valhalla’s latest update added the new River Raids game mode for absolutely free of cost and thus far, players have been adoring them.

These energizing new raidings offer a repeatable encounter stuffed with incredible prizes, secrets to find, and amazing foes to battle, so there’s a ton to adore here.

Shockingly, Eivor’s new longship can only carry a limited amount of items and cargo looted from raids,so players will definitely need to get back to Ravensthorpe now and again to drop cargo, redesign the longship, and give eivor’s crew an ideal opportunity to rest.

While the River Raids tutorial in the game clearly describes how to do this, players would be forgiven for failing to remember after some time.

River Raids are just a single piece of the all around gigantic Assassin’s Creed Valhalla universe, so it’s completely expected that players will need to return to the primary game eventually.

Regardless of whether that implies assaulting the English open country, investigating Asgard in a medication powered dream, assassinating templars or chasing down secrets, players have to know how to leave the River Raids game mode as they will eventually return to the main story.

Fortunately, leaving a river raid is simple, and players don’t need to open their map every time to do it.

For one thing, players can only leave a River Raid if they are at present in charge of their longship, so it’s ideal to stand by until after a strike is finished and Eivor and the crew are on the whole once again at the boat.

Once here, hold down on the D-Pad and afterward utilize the radial menu to choose the settlement symbol in the upper left-hand side of the circle.

This should end the River Raid and return the player to Ravensthorpe with the entirety of their prizes kept.

On PC, this menu is situated by squeezing and holding “G”, however the symbol to get back is in a similar spot.

Subsequent to releasing down or “G,” the game will incite players to confirm that they need to end the River Raid.

Picking yes will carry the player to a summary of their prizes and afterward into a loading screen driving back to Ravensthorpe.

After you have done enough River Raids, this will turn out to be natural, yet it tends to be hard to track down just after the information has been given to you in the tutorial in the game.

Once back in Ravensthorpe, it’s a smart thought to check the Jomsviking Hall to check whether there are any newcomers the player needs to enlist.

Intriguing Resources acquired while raiding can be utilized to redesign the Jomsviking Hall or exchanged to Vagn for new looks or longship designs and upgrades.

At whatever point the player is prepared, they can interact with Vagn to go on one more raid, yet be mindful so as to focus on rising river security.


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