astro a20 gen 2 wireless headset in blue color

Astro Gaming is maybe most popular for its expensive, very good quality A40 and A50 gaming headsets, yet the organization offers more reasonable decisions, as well. The A20 is the organization’s practical remote headset, and it’s been invigorated for use with the most current game consoles. These $119.99 jars arrive in a PlayStation form that works with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and in a Xbox rendition that is viable with the Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. In the event that you own both cutting edge consoles, you can use the headset with the two consoles by buying an additional transmitter for $19.99. In general, the A20 Gen 2 flaunts powerful wireless sound quality, particularly at its cost, yet it could utilize more padding for more comfort.

With regards to design and giving comfort to user, Astro stays in general stay with its unmistakable look and feel.

The headset is light, and albeit made of plastic, doesn’t feel that its cheap. The earcups keep on being the delicate pad and fabric material that is present on the whole of Astro’s headsets.

The headset fits on my head easily. At first I thought that the headset wasn’t fitting tight enough around my ears as to cancel the noise coming from outside.

I wasn’t right. When the sound got through the earphones, everything was extraordinary.

Astro has stayed with similar look for their line of headsets for quite a while, and now, they look somewhat outdated.

While I consider Astro headsets one of the superior brands out there, they truly don’t seem as though it.

The A20 Wireless Gen 2 headset, specifically, appears as though a toy headset made for youngsters when they first begin gaming.

I believe it’s an ideal opportunity to move past this look and make a design that is more adult and smooth to fit with the quality sound the headset offers

In case you’re at all acquainted with Astro’s past A20 remote headsets or the very good quality A50 remote headsets, they came with a remote transmitter that was generally wired to your console or PC somehow or another.

For the Gen 2 A20s, Astro is keeping it basic with a USB stick 2.4 GHz remote transmitter that you can simply connect to your console or PC.

Connecting this headset to a Xbox One X was fast, programmed, and consistent.

The single-scroll wheel to adjust the game sound and voice visit makes a return, as does the one-button equalizer that offers three sound decisions, which can in any case be programmable utilizing the Astro Command Center software on your PC.

The headset comes outfitted with 40mm Neodymium drivers and offers a vivid, rich sound.

I utilized the headset during my gaming sessions in Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and music game Fuser, and everything from the music, weapon impacts, and footsteps in the universe were fresh, clear, and comprehensive.

While playing with teammates in Call of dUTY, everything was clear, on the two closures. Incidentally, the mic isn’t removable.

The promoting for the headset flaunts a 15-hour battery life, and it appears to satisfy that guarantee.

Not that I would have 15-hour usage of headset, but rather I could have every day 3-4-hour of usage and not need to re-charge the headset for a couple of days.

Furthermore, when it came time to charging the headset, it just required a couple of hours to completely charge.

Playing on Xbox One, you’re shown how much charge the headset has, and on the off chance that I had a bar left after my gaming sessions, I would simply connect the earphones so they’d be prepared the following time I played.



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